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Bathroom Maintenance Tips


Cleaning and Care Instructions for Your New, Custom Bathroom Surfaces


Cast stone is one of the easiest bathroom surfaces to maintain. There are many different easy-to-use, readily available cleaning products that are ideal for your custom cast marble surfaces, including:

  • Lysol Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner
  • Clorox Gel with Bleach
  • Dow Bathroom Cleaner
  • Tilex Clean Shower
  • Gel Gloss

If you do not see the cleaning product you use, please check the back label to see if it is safe to use on synthetic marble. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, and products that contain grit or sand can damage the finish of your new marble and can void your warranty.


Need to remove stains?


To remove paint, nail polish, permanent marker, or difficult stains, use Denatured Alcohol, Acetone (nail polish remover), or paint thinner. If you have stains from hard water or mineral deposits, use a cleaner that is best for removing iron, calcium, or other mineral deposits that are found in your water supply. As long as you follow the directions on the label, most cleaning chemicals will not damage the gel-coating.


Additional Care & Maintenance Tips


If you want your custom product to look brand new for as long as possible, follow these tips:

  • Avoid leaving objects permanently in one place-it will discolor the surface
  • Avoid unnecessary scratches by using felt padding on sharp-edged items

If your surface is scratched, you can use liquid cleaning/polishing compounds, such as Gel-Gloss. Gel-Gloss is made to use on gel-coated surfaces and can remove soap scum while polishing your marble surfaces. It can also eliminate water-spotting, as well as seals glass surfaces. Gel-Gloss can be purchased at your local hardware store. If you have a matte-finish on your Cultured Marble Shower, do not use Gel-Gloss or any other type of polishing compound, as it will restore a glossy finish.


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